Self Care Saturday

It's been a while, I know and I apologize.  I started losing motivation with this blog and with my fitness routine and it's so easy to fall off of these types of things if you think no one is watching. I realized though that I don't care if no on is watching or reading this. I thoroughly enjoy writing and sharing my yoga and fitness routines. But, enough with my rant.  

The other reason I have been MIA is I have been sick all week. Strep throat- my worst enemy.  I had a lovely birthday weekend but then quickly became sick Sunday evening after dinner with the BF. I've been slowing easing back into my fitness routine but I had to take a few days off and  wow has it been tough getting back. My body feels slow and worn down.  This leads me to my weekend plans aka what I am currently doing.

Self Care.


I cannot emphasize self care enough. It is a recent addition to my wellness routine(which might sound ridiculous) and it is a part of the routine that I frequently forget about when I get super busy. I've been busy lately (isn't this the same old story) and stressed about everything from work to school to friends. More time working means less time for self care and as always it was the first thing to go.

I think half the reason I got sick was because I was worn out and I hadn't taken proper care of myself.  There was a week or two where I didn't go grocery shopping and get my normal fruits and vegetables. There was another week where I was up every morning by 5am or 6am. There was another week where I worked until 7pm or 8pm. (wait that might have been the same week) When life gets crazy, I tend to pay less attention to myself and more attention to others.  And this is bad, I tend to have anxiety and over think when I am stressed out. Both of these things can be managed when I take care of myself, when I listen to my body.

Self care is a concept I learned doing my yoga teacher training. Self care can be a wind range of things for different people. For me, there are a ton of different things I can do to keep my mind and body healthy.

My Self Care Routine

1- Meditation: I try ( and keyword is try) to meditate at least 5 minute everyday.  Honestly, when I get busy this is the firs thing I lose from my routine and that is probably the worst thing I can do for myself.  One of my biggest goals for starting school is to keep my meditation solid throughout school.  I think it will help me stay sane and healthy and happy.

2- Yoga: Yoga is my stress reliever, my anxiety eraser and my favorite mind/body exercise.  I never feel bad after leaving a session of Yoga.  When my work schedule gets crazy, I can't make it to the yoga studio.  While I continue to practice at home, I like to try and get in a studio practice at least once a week.

3: Sleep: I need my sleep. period. the end.  I need 8 hours of sleep to function

4: Incense/Diffuse essential oils: I love scents, they are calming and help me come back to my breath.

5: My neck pillow: I have this neck pillow that I can heat up in the microwave and it is fantastic.  My obsession with my neck pillow goes back to my college days.  I would lay in my bed with my candles on, twinkle lights on and my neck pillow and would pretend for a little that it wasn't finals week.

6: Coconut Oil: After showering I use coconut oil as a moisturizer.  It's so relaxing to massage coconut oil into my skin and it's good for your skin!


Some of my self-care favorites!


What are your self care favorites? What keeps you sane week to week?