Self Care Saturday: NYC edition

Hello you lovely, wonderful people who read my blog. I just want to say thank you.  While there are times when I fall off the radar, I truly love writing and sharing what I can with you.  So thank you for reading and respecting me.

After ending the Whole30 on Sunday (more to come on that) and diving into foods I shouldn't have (reintroduction? oops.), I set myself up for a rough week.  While I was on the Whole30 I hadn't experienced any of my old anxiety symptoms. Amazing and shocking-- and I can't completely say that is was only the whole30 causing this but still amazing and shocking.  This past week has been hellish-- emotionally, mentally and physically.  My body did NOT like all the  food and drinks I indulged in.

So this week was a lot of listening to my body, listening to my mind and taking it easy.  I tried to get my eating on track, heading to my favorite workout classes and spending some time with my netflix account.  I ended up having to take an afternoon from class because I was so exhausted and had a headache (I can't remember the last time I had a headache that wasn't from being hungover).   Even with all my attempts at self love I didn't feel quite right.

Cue the spontaneous trip to NYC. No friday afternoon classes meant I could head out by 2 and make it to NYC in time for dinner. The minute I decided to go I knew it was the right decision.  The weekend of self care was taken to NYC.

I had a wonderful dinner at my all time favorite restaurant in NYC-- Maz Mezcal. My parents have been going there for years. they used to live around the block and take little baby kerry for date nights! My mom, sister, her best friend and my best friend met at the restaurant for a wonderful girls night. It was everything I needed and more.- I am so grateful that I was able to enjoy margaritas with people I love so much.


also, the best margaritas.

I'm staying with my friend Meg in NYC and so we ran around NYC today with her roommate. After a girls wine night, we slept in and headed to spin class at Equinox.  Not a great instructor but still a got a good sweat in. I was in love with Equinox and super jealous of all the amenities.  We sat in the steam room for a bit and showered and then hit up the smoothie bar. I got a Matchamilk. It was amazing! Vanilla, almond milk, vegan protein, spinach and matcha. After hitting up some shops and the grocery store we headed home to make some breakfast for lunch.


Crushed the cals

The weather being gorgeous doesn't hurt to make a day like this feel perfect.  As I sit here writing, listening to music with friends, and drinking my matcha latte(now obsessed with matcha fyi), I couldn't be happier.

Sometimes, all you need to do is get away for a moment.  I'm not advocating running away from your life but I am advocating taking a step back and pressing pause for a moment. Take a breathe from what is stressing you out and revisit. Take some time for yourself to just do something for yourself and NOT feel guilty.  Spend time with people who truly care about you. Spend time with people who make you happy.  Go home, hug your parents, hug your siblings, hug your best friend who knows all the crazy shit you did in college and loves you anyway, hug your dog. just hug someone.

I'm grateful for my friends and family who care about me and my happiness. Now, I'm ready to go back to Boston tomorrow happy and motivated to tackle my schoolwork.

Namaste all!