Snowed In: Take Two

It is days like today that I wonder WHY I moved back to Boston. The snow will NOT STOP. I have already shoveled out my car three times today.  Post Pats win and post Super Bowl party binge eating, I was ready to get back into my weekly routine.  I wanted to kick my workout routine into high gear, get some good, healthy groceries for the week, and get my normal sleeping routine back. And that almost happened. I work at a physical therapy office full time so our schedule is based mainly on our patientss. So this morning we were open and we were planning on staying open so I woke up early at my boyfriends, shoveled out my car (he helped even though he didn't have to wake up for work so that helped :) ), drove home, spun out multiple times, shoveled out a parking spot to put my car and got ready for work.  As I was about to leave for work we  closed for the day. The schedule had fallen apart to do the damn snow once again. And there I was standing in my bedroom... angry.

I was angry about a silly snow day! In college, I would have never been angry. I would have been freaking ecstatic. Instead of seeing as an opportunity to relax, organize my life a bit and maybe my room, I saw it as a bad thing... a ruined plan.  Sometimes it bothers me how much I plan out my week and I really try to prevent myself from doing so but, I always end up doing it.  Part of it is the ambitious side of me, part of it is the anxious part of me but I always do it-- Plan my week to a T.  I'm sure everyone who knows me well is laughing at this point because they already know this.

After a little mini freakout, I decided to take a different approach.  I watched an episode of House of Cards (newest show I'm catching up on) and just relaxed for a bit in my bed.  I decided that I would get back to my workout routine my doing another round of shoveling.  The snow was heavier and I was bundled so I got a little sweat going. I'll take it.  I took a walk to CVS and passed the fresh produce place on the way and they happened to be open. WIN! Healthy dinner was a reality!  When I got back to my apartment, I tried out a new yoga flow that I had written and I have to say I think everyone will like it. Once my yoga teaching gets up and running at GymIt I will have to present it to everyone.  Anyways, I felt A LOT better after that and was fully able to enjoy my day.

 My makeshift yoga studio for the day!

Even when you are stuck inside all days there are little ways to get moving. Sometimes you just have to get creative! Yoga in small spaces, quick ab workout, shoveling, running up and down your apartment stairs.  Every little bit counts. You are doing more than

Sometimes, all it takes is a perspective change.  I will jumpstart my workout routine and eating habits this week. This snow day is not the end of that.  When your day/week/month, doesn't go quite as planned you have to take it in stride.  Take a second and flip your perspective.  See if you can take a positive outlook on whatever it is that is bothering you.