Take Your Fitness Routine Outdoors

As everyone knows, this winter in Boston was snowy and cold and terribly unmotivating. On top of that, we were all snowed in with all our roomies, families, significant others and /or friends which eventually leads to TV watching, snacking and probably a beer or glass of wine ( or multiple...just to get through ya know?) I don't know about you but my body feels the aftermath and I do not feel as bikini ready and confident as I did last spring. Which means its time to kick it in to high gear and give my body what it needs..... a good ass kicking into shape.  

With the weather finally looking like spring or summer some days, it's not fun to spend hours on end indoors pounding away on the treadmill or staring at yourself in the mirror while you lift weights.  It's time to get outside!  Not too fast now, I'm not telling you to swear of the gym all spring and summer.  I still have my designated upper body day and lower body day that I spend in the gym to have access to a wide range of equipment. And I love those days and they serve a purpose in my fitness routine. But I have 4 more days that I can spend exercising outdoors or switching it up in some way. I want to share with you some of my favorite ways to get fit outdoors


Go for a run. I know this is the oldest trick in the book for outdoor activities but it works. If your sick and tired of your running routine, switch it up.  Take a new route. If you live in a city like I do, find a route that will take you through some nature.  Whether it be an off road trail or just around a reservoir.  My favorite place to run is around the Chestnuthill Reservior right next to BC.  It's my little slice of heaven away from the city.



Harvard Stadium Stairs


Last year was the first time I tackled these bad boys and I loved it.  It's a great cardio AND strength training workout.  By the end of it, your quads will be shaking and your baby cows will be "en fuego" as the boyfriend likes to say.  You can run (walk) up and down them at your own pace. Up the seats (like step ups) and down the stairs (stay on your toes and be aware... it's easy to take a misstep... not that I would know from personally experience or anything). Or you can switch it up. I went a week or so ago with all the GymIt Trainers and Hilary and I decided to get creative.  Backwards, box jumps, sideways, side hops, army crawl races, whatever we could think of.  No matter what you decide, you are guaranteed a good workout.


The best boyfriend enjoying my constant picture taking of all our outdoor adventures.



Hilary, Me and Omar about to race up the stairs.



The GymIt Trainer Crew (minus Katie) getting after it.


Bootcamp By Kerry

Last week, I was feeling unmotivated and a little bummed because my shoulder was still bothering me.  It was a beautiful day and Amanda was joining me for a workout.  Instead of creating some routine inside, I decided to take our workout outdoors to the park and fields right down the block from GymIt.  I had ventured down there a few times to work with a client before and decided it was a great place to get outdoors and get moving.  We grabbed 11 pound weights and thats it. Our workout consisted or sprints and bodyweight exercises primarily. Afterwards we did clams and lateral band walking because it's time to work on the #bikinibooty.  We also headed to the playground looking for monkey bars to play around with but found none so did a few more makeshift abs. It's all about working with what you got.

Our work was:

1: Sprint (10 yards or so) 15 squats (holding 11 pound weight)

2:  Sprint--> 20 weighted glute bridges

3: Sprint--> 15 Plank with toe taps each side

3: Sprint--> 8 lunges each side

4: Sprint--> 10 Side plank dips each side

REPEAT (after rest) 3 TIMES!



Lunges can be hard on your knees if not done properly.  Always make sure your front knee stacks over your front ankle and your back knee is coming down at a 90 degree angle.  Keep your core engaged (don't let your lower back arch too much) and your chest up.



My loyal workout buddy Amanda!


Believe me, I love the stationary bike at times. But get your butt off that stationary bike and get your butt outside. Your mind, body and soul will thank you.  Explore your city or a new city by bike.  Sightseeing and exercise combined into one. Done. (Sometimes a lot quicker than cars and a lot less sweaty than walking in the summer! Just saying.)


I have yet to hike this spring but it is on my bucket list.  With great views and a great workout, whats to lose.   It's a great way to get out of the city and it's a relatively cheap activity. Pack a picnic to eat at the top of your hike or anywhere in between. Make sure to wear sunscreen and pack lots of water. You will need to for those warm summer days.

Take your favorite exercise outdoors.

Even if you have to bring Equipment just do it. Breathe in the fresh air and enjoy. Everything is better when a little sun is involved. For me that would be yoga outdoors. Take your pick!IMG_7139 IMG_7351

Yoga in the sun. What is better?


What's your favorite way to get outdoors? Enjoy this beautiful weather. I can feel a sensible shift in everyone's energy and mood and I love it.