The Meaning Behind Nothing Without Yoga

I've wanted to start writing a blog for a while now. I started writing last year on google plus but I wasn't invested in it. I didn't love my blog name and I felt like no one was really listening to what I had to say.  Unfortunately, I quickly stopped posting. I wanted to share my knowledge of strength training, proper lifting techniques and my newest love, yoga but I didn't know how to get started.  I was afraid that no on would care and that it would be pointless.  Around christmas time, I decided screw it. I wanted to do it and if no one followed it, well I would figure that out later down the line.

Next step was titling my blog.  This, this was more work and time than I had expected.  I had to check if the URL was taken. I had to brainstorm meaningful ideas. I wanted something that resonated with me and that had a deep meaning.  I asked family members, friends and my boyfriend.  I questioned what they loved and hated about my various ideas. I asked if they would read a blog named this or that.  Needless to say I put a lot of thought into it. (knowing me probably a bit of overthinking going on but it happens.... to me.... all the time.)

Through a serious of trials I came up with "Nothing Without Yoga" and I love it and I want to share the meaning with you now.

I love quotes. I have multiple notebooks filled with quotes written out.  I've had a notebook since I was in middle school until now. (the books for middle school are absolutely hilarious) While I haven't had time to add to it lately, quotes will always be my favorite things to "collect" and read.  I don't know where I found it but my newest favorite quote (it changes) is....

"Tada Gan Iarracht"

Which translates from Gaelic to

Nothing Without Effort

This resonated with me right away.  I've toyed with what it means and how it can be taken the wrong way.  Effort can sometimes be negative but it's not a negative quote to me.  For me, if you put effort into something you truly care about it.  If you try your hardest and really, truly want to succeed or accomplish a goal you put in the effort to get there..  You put in effort to the things you love the most.  You put in effort to the relationships that mean the most, the career that you've always dreamed of or the goals that are at the top of your list. To me, effort shows passion.  Effort says you're invested in something. Effort is love.


I want to live a life full of passion and love.  I want to show up to my job everyday and love what I am doing.  I want to have so much passion for my career that others can see how much I enjoy it just by the look on my face.  I want to put in effort now to get where I need to go.

So to me Nothing Without Effort means, yeah it's going to be hard, you're going to sweat, you're going to work your ass off, you might be tired some days, you might want to slam your head into a wall, but you aren't going to half ass anything. You are going to pursue everything in your life with nothing but effort.


Sometimes all that handwork will knock you on your ass. Take a minute, take a break, but get back up and get back going. Nothing can knock you down.

Pursue your passion with all you have.

Namaste ya'll!