The Well Summit

Wow, just wow. I needed a day to process all I experienced at The WELL Summit.  Here I am in between classes writing this and I think I'm experiencing a happiness hangover. Is this possible? IS this a thing---- I'm making it a thing. IMG_1469

Swag Bags designed by JSGD

If you haven't guessed I had an amazing time at The WELL Summit. I met some amazing women (and men) and learned more than I could have asked for. I'm so grateful to the organizers for putting on a beautiful event and my friend, Emily Griffin for introducing me to The WELL Summit.  (check her out on insta @emilykgriff and on Facebook for something great yoga and Ayurveda information)

I attended a variety of sessions throughout the weekend and can't wait to share it all with you. I experienced so much that I am going to share it with you over a few posts so I'm not writing a book in one post.


All of the goodies :)

Arriving on Friday morning we were given an awesome swag bag with a ton of samples from various beauty, healthy and wellness retailers.  I've just starting digging into certain products like the my new all natural deodorant and my roll on scents from 21 drops (I got passion!) We jumped in right away with a breakout session-- I sat in on Ksenia from Breakfast Criminals Hacking Instagram and all I wanted to do was grab my phone and revamp my insta game with all her tips..... definitely on the to do list.

After a wonderful lunch and breakout sessions, I went to a fitness class at Cyc Fitness inside the David Barton Gym. Both amazing... like I said more to come on that hopefully after taking more classes at Cyc!


David Barton Gym

Last event of the day was the most beautiful dinner I have ever attended catered by Chive Events at The Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology. All the food was organic, locally grown and sustainable. All the furniture, place settings, alcohol, you name it was sustainable. And it was insanely beautiful.


Healthy Can Be Delicious

Saturday started off with a balancing, grounding yoga class from my girl Emily and some delicious breakfast from CocoMama, Thrive Juice Co and Nectar and Green. Another full day of breakout sessions ranging from Ecofriendly beauty tips from Kristen Arnett to Sacred beauty Salons series from Rebecca Casiano to DIY natural cleaning products from The Optimist Co. Saturday ended with the LIVE Well Party with too many great vendors to name and so many products... I had to refrain from buying everyone christmas presents in one shot.  I will say I met some great people and I'm hoping my website will get a facelift soon :)


Rebecca Casiano Sacred Beauty Salon


The Optimist Co and the goodies we made

That's just a brief overview for now.... keep a look out from a bunch of follow up posts to come.  I was inspired to put more time and effort into not only this blog but to my own health and wellness routine. I'll be sharing my experiences from this weekend and my experiences putting some of what I learned into practice.

This weekend was full of knowledge, love, encouragement and inspiration being shared by all. I made some great friends that I hope to stay in touch with and was given some opportunities that I hope come into action soon.