Throwback Thursday

#TBT to that time I squatted 115 pounds 91 times. These types of things happen when you are lifting 3 times a week for 4 months straight...And are REALLY stubborn. Back to the college athlete days over a two years ago (WHAT?!?)


To be honest, I probably cannot do this now... unless someone wanted to challenge me and then I could get really stubborn (and maybe stupid).... but I am still very proud.  It was f*cking exhausting but also awesome. I also don't need to be able to do this right now. My fitness goals are different than they were when I was a college athlete  and that is okay. Fitness goals change and that is okay.  But, ALWAYS set goals. If you don't set goals you will get bored with your fitness routine.  So do it, set some goals tonight, big or small.