Here's a little #ThrowbackThursday for you all. I actually laughed out loud when I stumbled upon this again.  For lacrosse every game someone on the team came up with a "psych factor". It was something to get everyone pumped up and to make everyone feel united as a team. I have to say my friend Kerry and I usually had the best psych factor but I might be biased.  One of our best was our junior year when we made this Call Me Maybe Parody.....I still know all the words FYI.  

Check out our Psych Factor from back in the day:




One of the things I miss most about playing lacrosse competitively is being so pumped up before games.  The energy in the locker room before heading out to the field was always amazing. The pre game rituals that each teammate had and that could not be interrupted. The superstitions, the idea behind each movement pre game.  The passion we all had for throwing a tiny ball around in a stick (really team sports are kind of funny when you think about it this way).  The motivation to leave it all on the field.


Playing team sports competitively is a whole different way to look at exercise and training.  There is a whole different kind of motivation and push to be better.  Its no longer about yourself but about performing at 110% for your teammates. It's a feeling that you can't get any other way. I definitely miss the motivation to train for a team sport and the feeling of being a part of something bigger than myself.  I miss the passion I felt about lacrosse and the love I felt for the sport and my team. (not my coach to be fair LOL).


To be fair, towards the end of my career I probably wasn't ready to stop playing but my body was definitely ready to take a break. I remember my senior season all of the seniors being in the athletic training room before each game getting treated to get through the game.  Days, weeks, years of putting your body through intense exercise regiments were adding up.  None of us were "injured" per say but our muscles were tightening up and we weren't recovering enough between practices in games.  To be fair, I'm sure our diet (and drinking habits) had a lot to do with this and I will definitely delve into that in another post. We were barely getting through the games but at the same time we were going out onto the field and giving it ALL we had-- without a signal doubt in our minds that that is what we were supposed to be doing.  Looking back, I can't believe some of the things we put our bodies thorough. (Like this crazy squat record)

I probably won't go back to running 300s or setting squat records but I want to change up my weight lifting routine. I might go dig up some of our old lifts and see what this washed up athlete can still do. For now, I'll just watch this video a few times and laugh at myself for a bit.


Happy Thursday!