Throwback Thursday: My First Time Bouldering

This TBT goes to my first time bouldering at Brooklyn Boulders in Somerville. I'm headed there tonight with my freshman year rookie Yulia to celebrate her 24th birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY YULIA!!!) and then enjoy some beers at the brewery next door!

Here is a write up from my first time bouldering with Yulia:

"Yesterday, my freshman year roomie took me to Brooklyn Boulders Somerville for my first time bouldering.  It was amazing! I had so much fun and it was a great workout.  It was definitely different than any type of workout I have ever done before.  My hands felt so weak afterwards and my forearms are so sore today.  It was also a mental challenge-- you had to figure out the best place to put your hands and your feet in order to make it to the next grip.  I will definitely go back sometime soon. It's a great way to mix up your exercise routine.  If you aren't having fun with your exercise routine, my best advice is to switch it up. Try something new-- even if it seems like it's scary, or hard, or weird.  Even if you aren't bored with your fitness routine, it's fun to mix up your exercise routine every now and then.

Conquering a V1--- the second easiest one! (a step up from all the V0's I tried all day)

After making it up to the top, you grab onto the top grip to complete the climb and then you can jump down.

My freshman year roomie, kicking ass and showing me the way to go.

YAY! success! Check out those guns."

More to come on tonight's bouldering adventure!!