Try Something New

Tomorrow I'm going boxing with my friend Amanda. I'm super excited to try something new and get a kick ass workout.  I've tried boxing with my friend once before and I really enjoyed it but I've never been to an official class.  I saw a Living social deal for 8 classes for $51 at the boxing gym my friend and coworker recommended so I decided to get it in order to motivate myself to go. My shoulder had been feeling a little iffy for a while but it's feeling better now so it's time to go. We will see how bad I get my ass kicked. More to come on that!

I think it is important to switch up your fitness routine and try new things.  Fitness routines can get stale and boring which leads to lack of motivation which leads to not showing up to the gym anymore.

On top of getting boring, your fitness routine can hit a plateau.  If you do the same exercises over and over again, your body gets used to it and no longer adapts.  You build enough strength to do exactly what you are doing and won't see as many changes anymore.  Don't get me wrong, I am all for consistency but it is just as important to change things up. Changing it up doesn't always have to be drastic.  You can change your repetitions, weights or holds of an exercise.  Changing it up can me trying a new type of exercise. Whether it's boxing, running, swimming, yoga, pilates, weight lifting. I could go on but you get the point. There are so many different ways to get active. Why not try something different and see if you like it. There are also so many different ways to hit the same muscles groups or hit new muscle groups.  I love the feeling of waking up after a good workout and finding a new muscle group that is sore. Trying a new exercise can awaken different muscles that might have been neglected during your current routine.

I challenge you this March to try something new.  Whether it's a new activity completely, a new cardio machine or a new exercise you saw in a magazine. Give it a try. If you are nervous about the safety of an exercise or you don't know how to approach an exercise, try a new class or ask a personal trainer at your gym.

This March I am trying new yoga poses, getting back into swimming and trying boxing at a real boxing gym. I can't wait to share my experiences with you!


Selfie pre swim cap goes on. Breaking out my old lifeguarding gear to swim (only one piece I could find!)IMG_6803Leg variations in headstand. a twist on my new favorite pose :)