Why Should I Use Essential Oils?


So has many of you might have noticed, I have jumped on the Essential Oil bandwagon. aka I'm Obsessed!! I have jumped in headfirst and I don't see myself turning back now. My biggest passions in life are health and wellness, my own and yours. That is what this blog is dedicated to and that is what (all of) my careers are dedicated to. I want to help you (and you and you) find the best balance in your life in order to pursue your active, healthy lifestyle. To me that means working out, eating right for my body and using products that support me mentally and physically. I've had the working out down for a bit now (although I go through my highs and lows just like everyone else) and since doing my first Whole 30 I, have figured out the eating right for my body (some days are still a process). The missing piece was the products.  How many products (beauty, homecare, healthcare, etc) do I use in my daily life? and how many of those are filled with chemicals? Answer: TOO many

I started pursuing this change to more natural products after attending my first Well Summit last November but it was hard AND expensive.  As a graduate student on a budget, I just couldn't imagine going all in and sometimes, I still can't. The good and the bad of it was I loved all the products I purchased, I  just could not afford to switch everything at once.

In general, I like to use products that make me feel good, look good and perform (athletically and mentally) well. I wanted to detoxify everything from my food choices (bye bye processed food) to my makeup to my cleaning supplies (sorry windex!).  and honestly, this is an ongoing process for me.  I am in no way claiming that my life is toxin free BUT I'm a little closer than a I was this time last year and I hope to continue to make changes. One HUGE thing that has helped me detox my life is..... Essential Oils. (I'm sure you saw that one coming)


I use essential oils SO many aspects of my daily routine.  I have replaced beauty products, skin care products, household cleaning products, vitamins and perfume.  I have started creating my own products because then I KNOW what is in them. I have become so obsessed with essential oils because they have made my life easier and have given me the opportunity to detox my life. So I listed some ways I use essential oils  but I want to give you some real life stories about how I use them and why I love them


Story Number 1: Sick in the Middle of Midterms

Small disclaimer here: if you are really sick and not feeling well, go to a doctor. Don't be cavalier. I am not telling you to throw out all western medicine, for goodness sake I am getting my Doctorate of Physical Therapy, I believe in Western Medicine BUT I also believe in alternative modalities of healing and eastern medicine. 

Back to the story, so a couple of months ago I was spending the weekend at my boyfriend's place.  He recently had a new roommate move in and along with her came a cat.  In the past I have been allergic to cats but I hadn't experienced this symptoms since I was a kid so I didn't think anything of it. It was the first time I spent two nights in a row at his place and the second morning I woke up I felt like Crap.  I assumed that it was the cats and I needed some fresh air so I went home and figured I would get better. I did not.  My head felt foggy, my nose was stuffy, throat was itchy and I had the worst post nasal drip (ew I know).  My usually go to would be some sudaffed, water and cough drops and call it a day.  This time, I decided to use my hand dandy tool kit of essential oils.  I started applying the protective blend to my feet every couple of hours as well as diffusing the protective blend while I was home.  I made my home made vicks vapor rub (respiratory blend and coconut oil) and applied it directly under my nose (a- to help clear up my nose and b- to sooth my sore skin from blowing my nose so much) and my chest.  I used the protective throat drops and I drank LOTS of water.  I also opted to take the afternoon off from classes the next day in order to sleep and do some restorative yoga poses.

Fast forward to the day after that and no it wasn't a miracle. I wasn't 100% better but damn did I feel a lot better than the day before.  I could think clearly. I only used a quarter of a tissue box and I was able to go to class and think straight for the full day.  That to me is a win. The oils helped me support my immune system while I took some much needed rest to recover. best part: no chemicals or funky medications necessary.


Story Number 2: Adult Acne

So yes, I am blessed with adult acne.  For a while, my skin was doing really well but over the past couple of months I have developed breakouts on my chin. (and yes, I think my diet has to do with it a little-- I am currently in the process of investigating that)  The thing with this acne is it's cystic and not only does it not look the best but it hurts, A LOT.  In comes melaleuca (aka tea tree oil).  I put a drop of this guy directly onto my cystic acne outbreak 3-4x a day. By the next day, the redness diminishes, the pain subsides slightly and the size looks a little smaller. In all my years of dealing with cystic acne, this is the quickest solution I have found.  I recently updated my method of using essential oils in order to add a few more essential oils to up the ante.  My newest anti acne creation is 15 drops of lavender, 15 drops of melaleuca, 10 drops of frankincense in a roller bottle, topping it off with grapeseed oil for a carrier oil. This new combo is even more soothing and moisturizing so I can apply it even in the dry winter times.


I have a few other stories that I will share with you along my journey into essential oils and I am sure I will have more to come as I continue to explore their uses and the detoxing lifestyle.

If you're interested in leading a low to lifestyle or just want your home to smell pretty around the holidays, shoot me an email at nothingwithoutyoga@Gmail.com and I'll hook you up!

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