Vacation and Working Out

Throwback to my Cabo San Lucas vacation with the fam!

Most people probably don't think these two things go together. Are you really on vacation if you are working out everyday? Is it truly relaxing if you are waking up early to get your workout in and still catch all the hours of sun? For me- yes. 

A few years ago, this probably wasn't the case. I valued my sleep and my sun time too much. Now, my body is on such an early am schedule that waking up at 7:30am doesn't sound too bad.... even on vacation. 

The past three days I have successfully completed a workout while vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. First day, leg day! I had a great leg workout that I was able to do with minimal gym gear. I brought two Therabands with me and there were physio balls and mats... all I need! My dad also did the workout with me so it was fun showing him my favorite exercises. Here is my body weight squat at the hotel gym! 

Tueadays workout was a modified version of the metabolic conditioning class that I teach at GymIt. Once again, my dad did it with me and it was a lot of fun pushing each other. We modified as best we could. The frustrating part was there were no dumb bells but we made do with body wrights and medicine balls. The metabolic conditioning workout only takes 20 minutes, so after I did a beginners yoga clas with my sister. The class was a little too easy for me but it was still nice to sit in the sun and stretch. Afterwards, I played around with some more challenging poses of my own. 

Dancer's pose (natarajasana)

Pigeon pose (Eka Pada Rajakapotasana)

Today, I woke up early again to do an arms workout with my dad. And for some reason I was just not into it AT ALL. I had low energy, I couldn't think of proper modifications and my upper body strength seemed to have taken a huge step back form last week. To be fair, I hadn't looked at the gym beforehand and planned out a good workout. Also, upper body is not my favorite(not my strongest point either). I will give myself credit-- I got into the gym and did something. 

Here our some of my tips for working out while on vacation:

- Choose a workout that you enjoy-- it's a lot easier to get motivated when you aren't dreading it

- If you are staying in an area where it is safe to run, use running as a way to explore the city... Get lost, find hole in the wall places, take picture and enjoy your scenery!

- Pack workout clothes that you can air out and wear again so you don't weigh down your suitcase

- Wear your sneakers on the plane for the  same reason

- Scope out the gym when you get there so you can Plan out some good workouts for the week so you don't have any excuses

- Get exercise whenever you can.... Walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator, leave early for your destination and walk instead of taking a cab, leisurely swim some laps in the pool instead of just laying on a float

Don't use the holiday as an excuse. Get after it!!

I'll be headed on vacation with my college girlfriends this weekend. Trying to pack minimally but still bring some workout stuff. Escaping to Florida from this Boston weather couldn't be any better so I have to take advantage of the warm weather and exercise outdoors.