Weekend of Wellness

I am currently on the Amtrak down to NYC and this is taking me way longer to write than I had planned because I keep getting distracted by the beautiful coastline outside my window.  I don't remember this beautiful view from my college days of taking the train home. The leaf peeping doesn't hurt.  This train ride is making me wonder if I should ditch my car for all trips home and just take the amtrak because seriously SO much more enjoyable than sitting in traffic by myself. (except the fact that the people at the train station were rather nasty) BUT I digress 14718820_1212914485435508_6453041484588514307_n

Fuel for the train

I just wanted to tell you all to check in on my instagram @nothingwithoutyoga and my Facebook  page to stay up to date on all my adventures this weekend because I am headed down to The Well Summit in NYC. I could not be more exited.


School has been really overwhelming this semester and to be honest really frustrating.  I've been having a hard time diving in and embracing all the subjects. I've also been having a hard time stepping back and leaving school at school. (You know the whole leave your work at work deal)  Overall in my life, I'm really happy. But school has been slowly beating me day after day so I'm happy to have the opportunity to pursue some of my other passions in the health and wellness world

Today, as journal for the AM I reflect on my life, I reflect on the things I am grateful for. I have a great apartment, caring friends, a supportive family, a wonderful boyfriend and passions to pursue.  A long cry from where I was this time last year.  The last time I went to the Well Summit I was struggling- in my relationships in what I wanted to do, in who I was. I was letting anxiety rule all of my decision and I was letting fear of failure or not being enough stop me from changing my life.  The Well Summit sparked passions of mine that I didn't even know I had. And honestly, I don't think I would be where I am today without some of these passions. I made connections and learned from wonderful women.  I found a community that I could connect with. I can't be thankful enough



So this weekend, I am excited for all the connections I am going to make and all those I am going to reconnect with.  I am excited to learn more from powerful, inspiring women.  I am excited to continue to pursue my passion of sharing health and wellness with all of you.

Here is a sneak peek at some of the breakout sessions I will be attending:

  • Feed Your Mind The New Science of of Eating for Brain Health
  • Clean Beauty Panel
  • Photograph first: How to Create Professional Level images with your Iphone
  • Making Miracles with Malas with Satya or Satya jewelry
  • Luminous Shift: Tapping into your Intuition Your Greatest Resrouce
  • and SO much more!


So stay updated via my instagram or Facebook page and stay tuned for a recap after the weekend