Wellness Gems from The Well Summit


The Well Summit ended and I was thrown right back into reality.  Two midterms, discussions, grocery shopping. Back to the Grind as they say. There are still so many ideas swirling around my head after this weekend and so much goodness I Want to share with you all.  But right now, right now I am processing it all. I am practicing,  connecting and I absorbing all of the good vibes.  I'm also focusing on my midterms these next two days because they are an important stepping stone in my journey.


While doing all the above, I wanted to share some short tidbits from my weekend.  Don't worry, a full recap will be on the blog in a few shorts days. I have pages of notes to sift through and put into real sentences.

  • Tenoverten nail polish: Non-toxic nail polish. Obsessed. A quick mani Friday night had be sold to by some of my own!




  • Tapping: Check it out, I intrigued after taking a session led by Valerie of Modern Ritual NYC
  • Dr. Drew Ramsey: I don't know if I am crushing on him because everything he said about bran health and nutrition resonated with me OR because he was extremely relatable & realistic. (I picked up his book Eat Complete... more to come on that). Either way check him out- totally worth it if you or anyone you know has struggled with any mental health issues
  • Satya Jewelry: Some of the most beautiful malls and jewelry I have ever seen. I want every piece. Part of the workshop was a Kundalini Meditation and part Mala Making. I'm excited to use my Bracelet Mala to help create a more consistent meditation.


  • Connections! I made some new connections and strengthened some old ones. And I had the best roomie ever, Jennifer Hanway. (By the Way, we are cohosting an event at Kit and Ace THIS saturday at 9:15... check out this link!)



That's all for now! I am back to studying orthotics! Stay tuned for some more wellness Goodies and a full recap at the end of the week!