What is an Intermediate flow?

This past Sunday I took another workshop at Prana Power Yoga. It was the Intermediate flow Master class with Ray and Amber.  I had taken one of their intermediate flow classes before and I loved it so I decided to sign up for this one as well. It was great once again.   I haven't had a bad experience with any of the workshops I have attended at Prana. I could be a little biased because I did my teacher training program there but I do really love the studio.

This intermediate flow as focusing on twists, handstands and some extra core work.  This workshop was specifically for students who wanted to take their practices to the next level.  In basics classics, students will do twists and core work.  This intermediate flow took the twists and core work to the next level and then added in some handstands.  When they announced that I was super happy because I definitely need (and want) to work on my twists and handstands more.  Handstands are my next goal(after mastering headstands.. more to come on that). and twists have always been hard for me. My thoracic spine doesn't have a ton of mobility so that is something I want to work on as well.


Crescent lunge twist: Builds a lot of heat & strengthens your legs and core. (A more basic twist)

Make sure your front knee is at a 90 degree angle with your knee stacked over your ankle and your back leg is straight and strong. Engage your core to twist from your abdominal area. You can use your top hand to help leverage the hand a little bit.

The workshop was great with AMber and Ray switching off teaching.  They took us through a great warmup and then started with the handstands so we weren't super tired going into them. Many times teachers will have you practice handstands after many, many chaturangas and your arms just want to fall off so this was a nice switch up.  The twisting portion was challenging and intense but it felt good.  I walked out of the workshop feeling tired but refreshed.  I knew I would be sore on Monday. (and I was!)


Twisting Triangle: such a tough pose for me!

Have your feet about a hips width distance apart. Your front toes point forward and your back toes are out at a 45 degree angle pointed at the front of your mat.  Reach your hand opposite the front leg out in front of you and place on the inside or outside of your front foot (either on the mat or a block). Your other hand comes to your low back as you start to twist from your core.  To enhance the twist, lift your top arm high and continue to twist from your core.

On Monday all I wanted to do was a nice easy, gentle yoga glow so I headed back to Prana. This time in Newton and took the class a little easier than normal.  It felt great.  I haven't been to as many yoga classes as I would like in a while for financial reasons and availability so it was nice to get so much in this week.

Do you love or hate twists? Any goals you are setting for yourself-- in yoga or in your general fitness routine?