What's in My Yoga Bag?

To be honest, I normally practice hot yoga so I always go home and shower after. I love working up a sweat and I love the heat in the yoga classes I attend (most days).  But my teacher training hasn't been heated 24/7 and when I assist I don't work up as much as a sweat so I can head out after if need be.  Either way there are a few essentials I like to carry with me, especially for my 10 hour teacher training days, just in case. My Prana Power yoga teacher training bag:

- snacks (clif bars, kind bars, nuts, pretzels, fruit)

- yoga mat (breaking in my new manduka mat!!)

- Yogitoes towel

- hand towel

- Klean Kanteen water bottle

- Prana Power Yoga manual

- My yoga notebook & a pen

- my planner

- one of our teacher training books (currently The Four Agreements) in case there is some down time

I also have a additional makeup bag where I have recovery items/ everyday items I might need while at the studio for many hours or just running around before a yoga class which includes:

- extra headband

- NUUN hydration tablets

- Advil

- Lacrosse ball to work out knots

- Paw paw ointment (from Australia) for dry skin and/ or regular hand moisturizer and/or ultrablam from lush (some of my favorite moisturizers)

- hand sanitizer

- hand mirror

- Tiger balm muscle rub

- tide to go (I'm a little klutzy so you never know!)

- tampons

- cherry carmex (or regular)

- Eos chapstick

- solid perfume ( my favorite is karma or lust from lush)

- some sort of nasal spray (I have awful allergies in the winter and hate being stuffy in class)

- My inhaler (a little bit of sports induced asthma for this chick)

- baby powder (I like it better than dry shampoo for mopping up extra sweaty or grease in your hair)

A lot of this might seem excessive to you but I like to be prepared and it all fits in a relatively small bag.    It never hurts to be prepared and I have definitely help a few fellow yogis out with my yoga recovery kit.



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