What's to come in 2016

Let's start with this piece-- I don't really like New Year's.  There is always a lot of pressure, a lot of planning and the night of never goes perfectly.  The resolutions are all made with good intentions but most people end up feeling guilty when they don't succeed 100% at each of their resolutions. I'm not saying I don't do resolutions. I'm just saying overall I don't love New Years. Not my favorite holiday. But still, it's a good time to reflect, a good time to plan and it can be the fresh start that you are looking for.

The past two days I have been sitting here reflecting on the past year-- the good and the bad and wondering where I want to go in 2016.  I know some of my goals for the new year but I feel like there is something that I'm missing. Something more that I want to do or be in 2016.


But first 2015-- I was accepted into graduate school at MGH IHP, I started graduate school,  I spend time with old friends, I made some new friends, I figured out dating in graduate school with my amazing boyfriend, I went on wonderful weekends away with said boyfriend, I moved in with my sister and my friend, I successfully completed 2 semesters of grad school and I'm still standing.  With all those great things, there were downs-- worrying, studying, anxiety, fights, lack of motivation.  Looking back on the lows, I'm a little sad that I even remember them. In retrospect, they seem so insignificant, so silly. The highs are what I want to hold onto, what I want to bring into the New Year with me.   I know the highs would not have been as great if not for the occasional low. But, I don't want to continue to carry those lows with me. I don't want them weighing me down as I continue.

So for 2016, here are some of my goals (I like goals better than resolutions):

  1. Meditate-- Read more about meditating, practice meditating more, immerse myself in the wonderfulness that is sitting by ones self and just breathing. Don't worry about when, where, how long. Just freaking do it                                           IMG_4936
  2. Yoga-- Practice yoga every damn day.. Once again it doesn't matter how long or where or with who. Just freaking do it (this might be the theme for my year)                           IMG_4897
  3. Let go-- When bad things happen or stressful situations arise, just let it go.  Don't hold onto the hurt or the worry so much that it holds me back from the good times and all the love in my life.
  4. Love-- love myself, love my family, love my boyfriend, love my friends, love my apartment, love what I am doing.  Yeah, everything isn't peachy 100% of the time but LOVE what I do love and leave the rest.  If I'm not in love with something that I am dividing my attention to then I don't want to do it. I don't want to waste my time doing something that is okay or that I'm doing because I think I should.(the same can be said about people although I don't feel like this is something I need to worry about currently).   On top of that, realize the big task might be what you love, and some of the little tasks might suck. For example: tests suck, studying sucks, BUT being a Physical Therapist and helping people-- that I love.
  5. Self Care-- I could write about 5 pages on this and what I've learnt but I still need to work on it.  I need to listen to my body and do what is right for it. This includes (but is not limited to) the food I am putting into my body, the products I use, the exercise I do, the use of my time alone. I need to devote some time everyday to Self Care because it's only going to do amazing things for me.

Just a few thoughts going in to the New Year. I hope to have a lot more up on the blog and continue to develop as a blogger, yogi and student. I hope to have more content to share to and collaborate with others.  I hope to share with you what I love.

Namaste & Happy New Year!