When Life Gets in the Way

Here is a post from my previous blog about life getting in the way of a healthy routine. I truly believe that there is no such thing as a diet. I think that staying fit and being healthy is a lifestyle.  With all that said, life does get in the way and healthy habits fall through the cracks in favor of faster, easier, less healthy alternatives.

To say that September for a busy month for me is quite the understatement.  Busy, stressed, crazy, all the above.  and to be honest... my workout routine has suffered. BUT, not as much as it could have. Since I have been very short on time, I have started squeezing in workouts whenever and where ever I can.  This includes 15 minutes workouts between personal training clients or 20 minutes of yoga at 5 am before my 6 am shift at the physical therapy office.

My usual workout routine lasts anywhere from 1 hour to and 1 hour 15-30 minutes depending on what I'm doing.  My main issue in squeezing my normal routine into a busy day or week is not the workout itself.  It is the pre-workout and post-workout routines that I have.  I find it hard to get in a full workout, and shower and change in time to drive to work.  I enjoy(and highly encourage everyone) stretching and warming up before starting my workout.  The workout itself is not the issue at all... I almost always have an hour between jobs. Anyone else feel the same?

To resolve this problem, I have taken to lower impact workouts and shorter workouts to get my body moving but not work up a sweat.  While I thoroughly enjoy working up a sweat and getting into a workout, I'd rather to something as opposed to nothing.

Here are some good, short, love impact workouts:

-15-30 minutes of restorative yoga

- 15-30 minutes on the stationary bike

-15-30 minutes elliptical

-15-30 minutes run

- Short core circuit

Anything that gets your body moving and the blood flowing will definitely help you feel better about your busy schedule.  It will help manage stress and keep you from falling completely off the fitness wagon.  My goal for October is to plan better and create more space for my hardcore workouts!!