Whole30: Halfway There

Today is Day 15. Day 15 of #cleaneating. Day 15 of the Whole30.  I wanted to share with you some of my experiences the past 15 days and what the Whole30 really is. First of all What is the Whole30?

I start with tell ing you what it is not. It's not a diet, it's not cutting calories and it's not tracking what you eat every meal. It's not restricting yourself and hating yourself for eating that extra bite.

It is a completely different way to look at food and it is a change in your relationship with food.

The Rules are as follows: No alcohol, No dairy, No added sugars (all natural or artificial), no legumes, no grains, no processed food (carrageen, MSG, sulfites), no recreating desserts with Whole30 approved ingredients.

So what can I eat?!?!? Take a deep breath, a LOT more than you think, a lot more than I ever thought.

You can eat meat, seafood, vegetables, some fruit, nuts, oils, and seeds.

There are a lot of little add ins in our daily life that we don't realize we are consuming through processed foods and just not reading the labels. For more information on what exactly can and cannot have Check out Whole30.com. They have great print outs such as Program Rules, Shopping Lists and Common Additives.

Still sound like a scary thing to take on? Still not sounding like enough food to you? you'd be surprised. We fill up on so much processed crap and fill our bodies with "fake" ingredients and foods to never be full.  Eating whole foods and thoroughly nourishing your body leaves you feeling full and satisfied after meals.


15 things I've learned in the past 15 days:

  1. I am spending a LOT of time in the kitchen. Cooking, cleaning, organizing.  I have designated my Sundays as my meal prep day and it's been great.  I spend a couple of hours on Sunday making a few meals that will keep in the fridge and then supplement with veggies throughout the week.  For lunch, I mostly eat leftovers and dinner I have a mix of leftovers and fresh veggies. For breakfast, I have pretty much the same thing every morning (scrambled eggs, sweet potatoes, potatoes, some sort of meat).
  2. So much of my social life is/was around drinking.  I have still been going out when my friends are drinking and attending events that there will be alcohol present. But wow, it's different to not be drinking when everyone around you is. And I'm not even talking about getting drunk. I'm talking when everyone orders a drink at dinner and all you want is a damn glass of wine.                                                                      IMG_2244                                                                                      Kombucha on tap- not the same as cold beer on tap
  3. Kale is good. Who knew? not me. I was Not into kale before the Whole30. Now all I want is this shirt from ????
  4. Eating healthy is delicious. I honestly have only had 1 meal that I have NOT enjoyed and it was my own fault-- I didn't read the ingredients in the pasta sauce and made chili with artichokes in it and I don't like artichokes. Otherwise, I have 100% enjoyed every meal I have cooked.                                                                                  IMG_2339                                                                                              White Chili Chicken
  5. At first I could NOT stop eating. I have ramped up my workout schedule the past few weeks for many reasons involving general health, stress reduction, anxiety reduction & a hot bod for my spring break trip so I had to compensate a lot at first for how much I Was working out.
  6. If you're still hungry after the first week or so, you're not eating enough protein. Get some more meats into your body--- STAT.
  7. Eggs, eggs, I love eggs. By now most people are sick of eggs, not me. I still love my morning eggs.
  8. Eating out is hard but not that hard.  To be able to eat out you have to take a few minute either before you get to the restaurant or once you get to the restaurant to check out whats on the menu. This way you can know what substitutions you need before the waiter even gets to the table-- less hassle for all.
  9. We are very quickly running out of tupperware --- so many leftovers, so much food prep, so many different types of yummy!
  10. Did I mention I really want a glass of wine?
  11. Pinterest has so amazing Whole30 meals and I have tried so many new things due to these past 15 days. Check out my pinterest board for some new ideas.
  12. Focusing on eating healthy and nourishing my body with whole foods has led me to refocus on my overall health.  I've been spending more time exercising, I've been following my self care routine more often, and I've been reading more books (I LOVE books). I've been spoiling myself with things like DIY Scrubs, books, yoga classes, sleep, candles, and new adventures (LA here I come!). I've been nourishing my mind and body the past 15 days in some amazing ways that I hope to continue.IMG_2318
  13. TEA! OMG tea. I loved tea before the Whole30 and I love tea even more now.  I already drank tea without anything added into it pre Whole30 so that wasn't anything I had to worry about.  I FINALLY found the Numi tumeric tea (that I first had the The Well Summit)
  14. I usually drink only water throughout the day and I have no problem with that. For some people it's really hard to get rid of all the added calories they drink (coffee, juice, soda, etc) but I wasn't worried about that.  I was surprised that I rekindled my love affair with Kombucha, seltzer and tea. I've created a new love affair with cashew milk. (Thank you Nutty- Life Boston!)


15. There are definitely a few things that I have been craving the past 15 days but not nearly as many things as I expected. I don't feel like I'm missing out on many things from my old diet and I'm not dying thinking about pizza.  The few things I have been craving are alcohol (I would just love a cold beer or glass of wine), chocolate, chips to go with my homemade guacamole, popcorn and cheese from our ladies wine night last night.  Most of the time when I have been craving something it has been due to the social situation. It's been due to watching other people consuming all the food I can't.  In all honesty, I think I will add some things back into my daily life after 30 days but I will also keep other aspects of the Whole30 going forward.  I don't foresee myself going back to all the processed crap I used to ate

16. oh also a bonus! I feel pretty damn great so far.