Why Does This Hurt Wednesday: STRETCH addition

Special request from Yulia for an "abs" stretch. We've all been there you just did a kick ass bootcamp class, barre class, decided to plan for an hour and now your abs are KILLING you.  You can barely laugh let alone take a deep breath.  you can't imagine how the hell to contort your body in such a way that you can stretch those bad boys--- 6 pack be damned. It's pretty hard to stretch the abdominals but the anatomical movement would be going in to lumbar (back) extension.  A lot of core work involves lumbar flexing (not all core work though- helloooooo planks!).

With that said, my personal favorite for stretching out the abs--- upward facing dog!

Photo on 1-27-16 at 8.21 PM <<press the tops of your feet into the, press into all 10 fingers to lift yourself off the mat. Straighten your arms (not locking out your elbows), shoulder blades melt down and back your spine, thighs engage and lift off the mat as your chest pulls through your upper arms>>

If this doesn't feel great on your wrists or shoulders-- try Sphinx pose.

<< Press the tops of your feet into the mat, place your elbows underneath your shoulders and press through your forearms and hands to lift your chest through your upper arms. Neck stays long as you gently press yourself away from the ground. Hips and legs stay on the mat>>

There you are a quick stretch for those sore abdominals.

Stay tuned for next weeks Why Does this hurt Wednesday? Hint hint: more abdominal muscles.


Upward dogging all over the world.

Namaste & Happy Hump Day!