Yoga for Me


The month of February I have been teaching yoga small group training at GymIt and I've loved it. The snow has been a little bit detrimental to the class sizes but that's the only issue I've come across so far.  I was super happy to dive right into teaching because I was afraid that if I didn't do it now I never would. Problem solved: I started teaching right away and to beginners (which is a lot harder than it sounds). Since I have been teaching to a lot of beginners I have been demo-ing a pretty much every training session minus a few minutes here and there. Let me tell you, that can get exhausting.   One Friday I was teaching two group training sessions and then planning on doing cardio workout after.  Each class ended up only have one person each and they were both beginners.  I ended up doing 2 hour long flows. I went to change after to head to  the treadmill and I just looked at my coworker and said "Holy Cr**p, I'm exhausted."  I ended up doing an abbreviated cardio sesh but that's not the point.

Side note: One thing that is so comical to me is that during teacher training we were doing two to three 90 minute flows like it was no big deal.  I'm sure my fellow teacher trainees can agree that it is NOT necessary to do multiple 90 minute flows in a day for any other purpose. It's just funny how your perspective changes given the situation.

After my Wednesday class last week, I decided to do my own cardio workout and then indulge in some yoga of my own.  While I had already practiced with my Wednesday afternoon group, my own practice was completely different.  I quickly realized the difference between yoga for me and yoga for my students.  Don't get me wrong, I love teaching and I love demo-ing.  I am a very visual learner myself so I think it is a great way to show beginners where they are going next. But, when I was practicing just for me I was able to really get into what was going on in my own body and what my body needed next.  I was able to connect my breath to my movement and flow in a way that felt good for me.  and DAMN, it felt good.  It was so nice to focus on myself for even a few moments and just move.

Working out in general is my "me time" and I've always known that so I really shouldn't have been that surprised by this experience.  I guess I just didn't realize how different my yoga experience was when I was paying attention to my practice specifically.  This is something any yoga practitioner can take into their next class. Stop comparing your half moon pose to the person next to you.  Stop trying to keep up with the person speeding through their Sun A's at the front of the room.  Start breathing and take your focus inward.  Follow the teachers voice but move at a pace and in a way that works for your body and mind.   I promise it will feel amazing.

Let me know if anyone tries this out!