Performance Coaching

Think the knowledge of a Physical Therapist meets the long term coaching of a Personal Trainer meets mindfulness of a yoga instructor meets the creativity of an artist.

Are you in this space where you feel okay but not great? Do you look back on a time before an injury or major stressor in your life and think I felt so much better then!?

Performance coaching is for anyone looking to feel strong in their mind, body and soul. It integrates exercise, mindfulness, conscious creation, goal setting and meditation to create an overall holistic plan for you to feel good in your body. Performance coaching teaches YOU how to truly get in touch with your body and listen. It helps you harness your true strength from your physical and mental body so you can perform your best each day in every aspect. On top of that, you get one on one support and guidance so you can ask questions and connect with a highly knowledgeable health care professional. You will be guided every step of the way so you are lifted up and empowered.

Or maybe you’re recently injured? Successfully completed a stint of Physical Therapy?  But still, you’re not back where you want to be….

Performance coaching is also for you. It gives you the consistency and support that you need to crush the goals you set for yourself. Through the same methods listed above, your previous physical therapy sessions are up-leveled in every way possible. You get to take a deep dive, 360 degree view of your health and wellness to help you not only continue recovering and excelling but prevent further injury or re-injury.

Whether you are post injury or just ready to up your game…

This is for you. This is for you if you want to up level your mental AND physical game in ALL areas of life. It’s for you if you are ready to invest your time and energy into living good and feeling good, then sign up for your initial evaluation now. Don’t wait to feel good, you deserve to feel good now:)

Ready to create little habits of change that go a LONG way?

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Performance Coaching Initial Evaluation: $125

Performance Coaching Follow Up: $75

5 sessions for $350

10 sessions:$750